The following are programs that ECS runs for its clients:

SOS    |    SE2025    |    DSR    |   HOCSR   |   STARS   |   CPDLC    |   URET    |   ETSS

SOS - Service Operations Support

ECS is currently providing second-level maintenance to all NAS systems as the primary contractor under the Service Operations Support (SOS) 8 contract vehicle and as a subcontractor to ASRC under the SOS 7 contract.


SE2025 - Research and Mission Analysis

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded Enroute Computer Solutions (ECS) a multiple award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide Research and Mission Analysis (R&MA) engineering and technical resources to support the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and non-NextGen Initiatives. Winning SE2025 is a significant accomplishment for ECS, and we look forward to bringing the combined resources of our team to support FAA under this new contract.


DSR - Display System Replacement

In 1994 ECS received their first major contract - the DSR program.

Currently fifteen employees are allocated to this project.

DSR is a Lockheed Martin contract designed to replace the current Enroute centralized display system with a distributed network of RISC 6000 processors.

DSR is currently in the deployment phase and achieved ORD in Seattle on December 15th, 1998.


HOCSR - Host and Oceanic Computer System Replacement

The HOCSR project consists of upgrading the FAA's enroute and Oceanic systems based on IBM mainframe technology developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

This effort involves the IBM 9672-RA4 Generation 3 ability to support both ESA/370 and ESA/390 mode environments.


STARS - Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System

The STARS program provides a new terminal automation system for use in both Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACONs) and Tower Cabs.

The STARS mission is to provide automation to support control of air traffic within the FAA TRACON and Department of Defense (DoD) Terminal Control regions.

The STARS system will replace all terminal automation systems presently deployed at these facilities, which are fifteen to thirty years old, including Automated Radar Tracking Systems (ARTS) IIA/IIIA/IIIE, Enhanced ARTS (EARTS), the DoD Radar ATC Facility-Direct Altitude and Identification Readout (RATCF-DAIR), and the Programmable Indicator Data Processor (PIDP) and TPX-42 Beacon Interrogator systems.


CPDLC - Controller to Pilot Data Link Communication

The CPDLC currently under development will provide additional communication capability with the present voice channels, intended for exchange of clearance and information between air traffic controllers and pilots.

CPDLC will continue to develop with the objective of deploying well defined systems in incremental steps.


URET - User Request Evaluation Tool

The primary mission of the URET CCLD Program is to deploy enhanced conflict probe capability to various Air Route Traffic Control Centers.

URET, under Lockheed Martin contract, will be developed in stages with the final objective of full-scale deployment for enhanced air traffic safety.


ETSS - Engineering and Technical Support Services

The ETSS, contracted under JSA, is currently supported by ECS providing hardware and software services. These services are instrumental in providing the FAA with the proper configuration to facilitate test and training at the I2F Training Center.